Playing Games Builds Wealth with Original Gamer Life

Earning wealth with Original Gamer Life take on several different forms from Loyalty Points to giveaways to the $OGL Token powered by StrongNode and its Infrastructure-as-a-Service Edge Node technology. Loyalty Points and Tokens can be spent on the OGL website, shop, and with our partners who participate in our marketplace. We’ve got so many reasons to love what Original Gamer Life can do for you.

Play Games

Play your favorite games on our platform or with your favorite device: Mobile, PC, Console

Earn Points and Tokens

You can earn Loyalty Points and $OGL Tokens for various tasks, achievements, and running the OGLife app, and partner games.

Redeem For Wealth

Spend your Points and Tokens the way you want. Convert to other coins, buy from our shop, or exchange your earnings for cash.

crypto coins offer a way to build wealth

Building Wealth with Original Gamer Life is Easy

We Offer Many Ways to Earn Rewards By Redeeming Points and Tokens

The OGL platform rewards gamers with its own currency for participating in events, logging in, staying active, and completing various tasks. Users will also redeem these Loyalty Points for OGLife shop items, premium items and skins in different games, event entry, and discounts with partners. 

The $OGL token can be staked to level up your earning power, engage in governance to help the community make decisions, or sold on an exchange for cash. We’re always on the look out for even better ways to reward you for your participation, so check back often and you might just find another reason to love Original Gamer Life.

Many Different Ways to Spend Your Tokens Right Here with OGLife

Earn Interest

Your tokens power up your earning and reward you with a great APY.


Drive decision making with the community by staking your tokens.

Premium Shopping

Host a game server, purchase a premium skin, or upgrade your rig in our shop.

Earn Rewards with OGLife the Same Way You Earn Them in Video Games

Video Games are a great way to bolster your physical and mental health, we help you cultivate wealth. Not only do we bring you articles, videos, and other content explaining how to live and pursue a healthier lifestyle, but we reward you for doing it. We turn even the most mundane games into fun and enjoyable activities by mirroring what most video games call “Dailies” or Daily Tasks extending to weekly, monthly, and annual tasks. 

Having trouble remembering to take your medication? Don’t forget to do your Daily task and turn in completion as if you were completing a Quest or a Mission. Your Doctor becomes your Quest Giver and we all want to earn that extra XP and coin to level up.

Here Are Just Some of the Ways You Can Earn Rewards as Points and Tokens


StrongNode powers the wealth building ecosystem for Original Gamer Life

StrongNode Powers Our Wealth Building Ecosystem

Meet StrongNode, Edgier Than Your Classic Edge

StrongNode is creating a global last-mile mesh network by harnessing and sharing latent computing resources. These resources are the trifecta of CPU/GPU, bandwidth, and storage harvested from desktop computers, laptops, and eventually smartphones, gaming consoles, and smart TVs from homes, offices, and high-volume users like gamers and influencers. We are creating a uniquely decentralized network and ecosystem using edge computing technology never before done at this scale. It is based and will expand on the open-source MapReduce data processing of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem used by $1B+ centralized big data firms MapR, Teradata, Cloudera, and Hortonworks. We provide APIs and developer tools to process automated workloads on the edge infrastructure and our technology will efficiently handle large-scale data, network bandwidth, control and management, latency, and security.

StrongNode Drives New Economies From Frictionless and Finely Tuned Compute Power

StrongNode maximizes idle resources and repurposes them on demand for a symbiotic relationship between node innovators (OGLife) and node seeders (our users) to produce a “Network Effect”  and grow the ecosystem.  Node innovators and node seeders will be able to monetize their idle computing resources, earn tokens, participate, and manage rewards in this blockchain economy. Running StrongNode software or applications in these idle devices does not need the installation of complicated software or difficult settings and configurations. Payment schemes are flexible and affordable.

Keep an eye out for StrongNode’s IDO on

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