IaaS Tech Company StrongNode.io powers up Original Gamer Life as its pioneer Innovation Lab project

By: Original Gamer Life

Introducing Original Gamer Life — the first incubated project under the StrongNode innovation lab focused on gaming, rewards, health, and wellness
Thriving-as-a-Service social impact ecosystem and gaming community Original Gamer Life or OGLife is the first incubated project under the StrongNode.io Innovation Lab. OGLife delivers a fun, healthy, and rewarding way for gamers and people from all walks of life to live and thrive.

Retired US Air Force veteran Brandon Sivret heads Original Gamer Life as its CEO. He also serves as the VP of Operations for StrongNode.io, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service tech company and innovation lab. “I am honored to introduce Original Gamer Life or OGLife, the first incubated project powered by StrongNode. Our platform focuses on gaming and overall wellness, introducing our platform and the StrongNode network to 3 billion gamers all over the world. We wanted to change lives by playing games and building a community as we play to thrive,” Brandon said.

Brandon Sivret is a 13-year veteran of the US Air Force. He served as a Director of Operations for an Expeditionary Air Force Squadron and as an ISR Liaison Officer to NATO, regional partners, and the Office of then US Vice President Joe Biden. He serves as Executive Officer for MilitaryGamers.com and is an avid gamer and indie game developer.

OGLife and its social impact ecosystem

“Original Gamer Life is the project I’m heading up and I am so excited for this launch. This is only the beginning of our journey. It takes the StrongNode Edge ecosystem beyond crypto and blockchain and involves a social impact mission,” Brandon noted. OGLife is opening its doors to everyone and they will soon be hosting a Minecraft server and host games like ARK, Arma 3, ATLAS, and more with their moderators. They have a Call of Duty (COD) mobile clan where members from their Telegram community can join the OGL team and play COD matches.

Under its social impact efforts, OGLife is focused on serving communities through gaming and promoting health and overall wellness for gamers of all ages and walks of life. The OGLife community will also have the opportunity to earn rewards and participate in crypto from their native token, $OGL.

“We take video games that we all know together with the new kinds of DeFi games and build a community around it, with the focus on health and wellness. The important thing to know is that OGLife has its own $OGL token, marketplace, and economy within the StrongNode family.”

For more details on Original Gamer Life, visit: https://ogl.tv/

Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/originalgamerlife

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/origgamerlife


Original Gamer Life or OGLife is a Thriving-as-a-Service (TaaS) social impact ecosystem open to all gamers. OGLife is the first incubated project powered by the Infrastructure-as-a-Service tech company StrongNode.io Innovation Lab. OGLife is serving communities who need the most help to thrive especially in the post-Covid era. OGLife aims to deliver a fun, healthy, and rewarding way for gamers to live and thrive. We are a gaming and streaming community bringing 3 billion gamers to the crypto space and offering a trifecta of solutions: technology + game + community. In OGLife, we Play to Thrive.

For more information, visit: https://ogl.tv/

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12892381-iaas-tech-company-strongnodeio-powers-up-original-gamer-life-as-its-pioneer-innovation-lab-project.html
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