Play Video Games With the Original Gamer Life Game Community

Find OGL Branches, Guilds, and Clans to play video games with a community by and for you. Don’t see your game in the list? Jump into our Discord Server and let us know. We love exploring and playing new games with our community. Participate in helping run our branches to earn rewards.

Call of Duty Mobile

Platform(s): Mobile (Android, iOS)

Join the OGL Clan in this popular FPS for mobile devices. Search for us under Clans.


Platform(s): PC

This Military Simulation title features online cooperative play with many different game modes.


Platform(s): PC, Xbox

We host a community Minecraft server for PC that OGs are invited to join and collaborate with others.

Connect With Our Community In Your Own Way

Game Branches

Track down your favorite game from among our list of supported clans and guilds or bring OGL with you into new lands.


Join our online and offline events. Host your own or collaborate with others to bring awesome content to the community.

Custom Servers and Mods

PvP, PvE, Single Player, Multiplayer; we don't mind how you play and we offer plenty of options including our own mods.

nothing better than playing games with a community of other gamers
race for yourself or the community

A Community Built For You

  • PC, Mobile, Console, Kitchen Table
  • Shooters, RPGs, Adventure, Sims
  • Casual, Hardcore, Competitive
  • Single Player, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Comics, Fandoms, Fan Fic, Cosplay
  • Tournaments, Cons, Get Togethers
  • So Many Ways to Get Involved...

Friends and Family Make Playing with a Community Even More Enjoyable

Our community focuses on members who drive high duress careers as well as underserved gamers, but we welcome anyone who wants to leverage Games towards health and financial well-being. In fact, we encourage Original Gamers to join with their friends and family to create a shared experience among all different generations of gamers.

Teamwork and Community Make Playing Video Games a More Powerful Experience

Teamwork and creating a positive experience is what Original Gamer Life is all about. When we face challenges together we can overcome them more easily than if we go it alone. While we love Single Player Games, we also enjoy Multiplayer Games that are mastered as a community.

When you win, we want to hear about it, so share your victories on our Discord server and in our gallery on the website. You can also share your epic wins by using our hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube: #OGL, #OriginalGamers, #OriginalGamerLife. From time to time we’ll pick our favorites and send you Loyalty Points, $OGL tokens, or prizes from our partners.

Don't Get Stuck in Game, Get Help With Our Knowledge Base

Getting stuck or frustrated in a game? Use our Knowledge Base where others have shared tactics, tricks, and tips to benefit the broader community. Have you produced a helpful tutorial on YouTube? Make sure you mention and tag us with #OGLife, #OriginalGamers, #OriginalGamerLife. Link to the site, give us a shout out, and we’ll spread the word! The lifting tide benefits all ships.

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