What Is The $OGL Token?

December 30, 2021




For decades, gamers have been earning limited in-game coins and platform reward points. We’ve been there spending countless hours collecting Blue Essence in League of Legends and even trying to find V-Bucks on Fortnite. As awesome as it is to redeem a new champion or skin, the tokens have no other usage. We understand the frustration of gamers which is why we created OGLife and the $OGL Token.

What is the $OGL Token?

The $OGL Token is a token native to the OGLife ecosystem. The token offers rewards and mechanics for both gamers and investors. The token plays a crucial role in the OGL multiverse and incentivizing gamers and investors to participate in various use cases available on the platform. The idea for having its own $OGL token is to make the OGL multiverse more exciting in terms of buying, selling, and trading. To ensure a healthy $OGL’s ecosystem, there will be deflationary mechanisms through token burns, repurchasing of tokens, partnerships, active marketing to attract new users, and other mechanics.

Use Cases of $OGL Token:

Apart from being the core of the OGLife economy, the token has various use cases. These use cases include:

  • NFT Rewards: Non-Fungible tokens earned when users unlock achievements through involvement in community or purchases in the marketplace
  • Tipping: Tokens are used to applaud, support, and thank other users
  • Token Buy-Back: 50% of NFT sales and Transaction Tax revenue is used to purchase tokens from the public market by reducing the supply
  • Entry Fees: Unlock access to specific activities or events or receive partner discounts to various coins in both virtual and real world.
  • Leveling Up: Increased number of tokens are needed to level up and get invited to exclusive opportunities like Beta Testing as well as giveaways.
  • Transactional Fees: Inflationary APY and deflationary burning of transaction fees.
  • Participate in Governance: DAO-model, quadratic community voting as part of Council of Gamers.
  • Staking and Farming: Earn yield on locked tokens.

Why we need the $OGL Token:

As a core part of the OGLife economy, the $OGL token will enable a decentralized integration and exchange across multiple blockchains, forming a bigger marketplace for gamers and their favorite play-to-earn games! More importantly, $OGL will drive user interaction on the platform through streaming, playing games on OGL, and trading NFTs. The $OGL token is much bigger than simply economic aspects of OGLife, the token will also play a pivotal role in expanding new features on $OGL.

Stay tuned for our tokenomics closer to IDO!

About OGLife:

Original Gamer Life is a social gaming platform built to connect blockchain gaming to 3 billion gamers! OGL’s mission is to become the one-stop platform for all things blockchain gaming. Gamers can connect to multiple Metaverses through our Multiverse, stream games like Twitch, and trade NFTs on a Steam-like marketplace! OGL is more than just a platform with games, it’s a way of life and social impact ecosystem open to all gamers.

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