What is OGL?

Original Gamer Life is Thriving-as-a-Service

Original Gamer Life (OGL) provides a Thriving-as-a-Service platform for gamers to enhance their physical, emotional, and financial integrity through games and entertainment. We promote behaviors that boost mental and physical health, offer monetary rewards, and power connections with community and family. We bring the content, services, events, and programs to OGs on the OGL platform delivered by our partners who leverage the digital economy powered by StrongNode and blockchain technology.

Video Games Bring Original Gamers Together

Video games have the power to unite and provide enriching experiences individually and collectively as a community. We are committed to changing the lives of gamers in high duress sectors (military, emergency response, and medical care) and underserved groups (older gamers, disabled gamers, professional gamers), who we call Original Gamers – giving them a platform to thrive through innovation and technology; We partner with thought leaders, content creators, service providers, and communities that align with our intention to deliver fun, healthy, and monetarily rewarding gameplay and entertainment environments. We are focused on enabling OGs to thrive.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented growth and opportunity in the esports industry that capitalized on a USD $24.9 billion market size as of 2019. Gaming has become the fastest-growing form of entertainment globally, with revenues increasing at 9%+ per year. By 2022 the global video game market is expected to surpass $190 billion in revenues. The recent lifestyle changes of people staying at home during “stay at home” lockdowns and quarantine globally have developed aggressive indicators to point to an increase in viewership and consumption of content related to both esports and online video gaming.

Who Are the Original Gamers - OGs?

High Duress Sectors

Underserved Groups

With a burgeoning elderly segment of the population, the world is aging at a steady rate. Many countries in the world – Japan, Finland, Italy, Greece, France, Germany – are experiencing growth in the number of older people in their society. In 2019, 1 in 11 people are over 65 years old representing 9% of the population. By 2050, this is said to increase to 1 in 6 or 16% (UN World Population Prospects, 2019 Revision). All efforts to prepare for this inevitability will not be in vain in the future.

We face a young esports industry that is exploding in growth for the last 10 years albeit being affected by the current pandemic.

No industries are safe from growth pains. As esports quickly evolves, the year 2020 accelerated its trajectory into the realm of mainly virtual events. The stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19 boosted online engagement through gaming and streaming platforms.

Meet The Team

Brandon Sivret

General Manager
Brandon Sivret is the co-founder of Silver Sun Systems dba Military Gamer Supply operating brick and mortar game retail and online community management expanding into VR/AR gaming for training for Law Enforcement and Emergency Response. Brandon serves as the Executive Officer for MilitaryGamers.com, a community that assists current and former US Military with issues ranging from TBI and PTSD to veterans benefits awareness using Video Games as a unifying platform. MilitaryGamers.com consists of 5,000 members (nearly all current or former service members) and 400 active players at a time. He is a 13-year veteran of the US Air Force lauded as an Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance and Joint and Combined Fires Planning Subject Matter Expert. He attained the rank of Major before medically retiring.

Vera Futorjanski

Committee Chairwoman
Vera Futorjanski is on the Expert Group on Digital Platforms for the World Economic Forum, an Innovation Expert at the UN, and a Responsible Leader at the BMW Foundation. Most recently, she was Director of Innovation for the global Venture Capital firm 500 Startups in charge of corporate innovation in the Middle East and Russia. Prior to joining 500Startups, Vera was with the Dubai Future Foundation, where as well as being the head of global communications, Before joining the Prime Minister’s Office, Vera was with Rocket Internet Berlin. She serves as a Global Ambassador for Vital Voices, a Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright NGO that works with women leaders. Vera completed her MSc at the London School of Economics. Vera has lived in 10 countries and is fluent in five languages.

Longevity Committee

Elias Druckman, MD, DC, DACNB

Dr. Druckman is the CEO of The Druckman Center which specializes in Brain Optimization, Brain Trauma/Injury, Neurodevelopmental, Neurodegenerative, and Movement Disorders. He was previously the Lead Clinician and Director of Operations at Cerebrum Health Centers in Atlanta Georgia, and Neurolife Institute in Marietta Georgia. His passion for technology, medicine, and blockchain is what drives him to bring conceptual ideas to fruition.

Amir Baluch, MD

Dr. Amir Baluch founded Financial Wellness MD, Smart Block Capital, and BioWise Capital with the purpose of providing the highest risk-adjusted returns for sophisticated investors wanting to enter the disruptive blockchain or biotechnology spaces. Dr. Baluch has six years experience in private equity and securities with series 22 and 63, four years experience under a B/D where he learned to evaluate risk, opportunity, diversification, and underwriting. He is also an internationally best selling author of wealth management and investment book “Make It, Keep It.” He and his team have participated or managed over 80 investment projects, valued over $500M, with zero loss of any investor capital. Dr. Baluch is currently a Patron member of the Global Blockchain Business Council, IBREA European Summit, and member of the Texas Hedge Fund Association.

Brett Brodbeck, DC

Arthritis & Sports Injury
Dr. Brodbeck is a passionate Chiropractic Physician specializing in Non-Invasive regenerative procedures. As a former Division I football player, he prides himself on being the best. He is a nationally recognized educator and teaches his methods across the United States and abroad. Serving the Columbus, Ohio area, Dr. Brodbeck is one of very few Physicians in the United States to offer the unique combination of Focused Shockwave and Radial Pressure Wave. One of 14 board members in the United States for the The Institute for Tissue Regeneration and Repair. A U.S. Member for the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST)

OG Committee

Abbe Borg

Chief Gaming Officer Inspiration & League Captain
Best known as “DieHardBirdie,” Abbe Borg is a Sweden-based Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) senior world champion at 78 years old. Before his second career as a pro gamer, Abbe was a professional artist working on metal and paper sculptures. Now considered the world's oldest esports champ, as OG League Champion, he advocates living longer and richer lives in a community and ecosystem he wants to help build and support through gaming and esports.to users through edge technology.

Thierry Chaunu

Former CEO Chopard & Veteran Captain of the French Military
Thierry Chaunu has more than 30 years experience in retail and wholesale distribution of luxury goods. For 6 years, he was the president of Chopard USA Ltd. He was also the vice president for Marketing of Cartier North America. He specializes on brand and product management as well as international businesses on diamonds, jewelry, watches, eyewear, leather goods and fragrances. He established Brands Consulting LLC in February 2016 in NYC, with Louis Vuitton, Chaumet,Jacob & Co, Marina B, and L’Azurde as clients. European companies consult with him on how to expand their businesses overseas, especially in the Americas. He also co-founded BeauGeste, Inc., a company that markets exceptional investment-grade diamonds, luxury timepieces and diamond jewelry to VIP clients and selected high-end US retailers. From September 2005 to February 2010, he was the president and CEO of Leviev, home of the most extraordinary diamonds. Chaunu is also a Veteran Captain of the French military.

Oz Scott

Film Director & Gamer
Oz Scott is a film/tv/theater director, tv producer, known for S.W.A.T. (2019-2020), Black Lightning (2017), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1996) Gotham (2014), Criminal Minds (2017), NCIS (2008, 2014), Numbers (2006), Boston Legal, (2005), Walt Disney anthology tv series (1987), Ally McBeal (2001), Northern Exposure (1994), and 100+ films/tv shows/series. He is a long-time avid video gamer.

OG Advisors

Rika Nakazawa

Rika has worked internationally for over two decades in senior executive roles on strategy, business development, and marketing with Fortune 500 companies – NVIDIA, Sony, Accenture, American Express – and Silicon Valley startups. She is a technology industry veteran and has served on multiple venture boards in next-generation computing and artificial intelligence ecosystems. senior leader, entrepreneur, investor, and frequent public speaker on technology-powered business transformation. Currently, she is the CEO and Founder of BoardSeatMeet, Inc. a Silicon Valley, social impact venture, focusing on diversifying the board room, and is also Vice President and Client Partner at Conduent, a $4B revenue global BPO provider to Fortune 100 companies. Rika Nakazawa grew up in Japan and moved to the US initially to attend Princeton University and is trilingual in Japanese, German, and English.

Eliza Hayashi

Payment Services
Eliza has more than 10 years diverse leading management professional experiences in the Financial Services / Technology industry. At MasterCard, she worked as a program manager in charge of loyalty (Japan/ China/ Australia) and as a marketing manager in charge of sponsorship and digital marketing. At JCB, a top 1 market share credit card company in Japan, she had a rich working experience in business development for the Japan market (B2B, B2C) and overseas (North America and Middle East – B2B)

Natalia Sokolova

Investor Relations
Natalia brings over 15 years of entrepreneur experience and strong strategic relationships in both domestic and international arenas. She is a second generation Single Family Office. Her family office was founded in early 90s, with a primary focus in Oil & Gas in Europe and Russia. Ms. Sokolova founded SGG World LLC (Strategic Guidance Group) in 2006. She is very active in the family office world and in 2018 Natalia entered the world of gaming and esports and in 2019 together with the founder of WHAM Gary Kleinman, Natalia founded Skinz.gg – a platform dedicated to the lifestyle and wellness of gamers.

Daniel Saito

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Daniel orchestrated the MySQL Database exit to Sun MicroSystems for $1B+ while previously growing SEGA and its globally growing node networks. He authored NTT Docomo R&D hardware, software, and node network protocol specifications for encrypted communications while launching 2 satellites to space after starting the 1st ISP in Tokyo in 1995. His work with NEWS Corp in security/encryption and 4G mobile was surpassed only by his MPEG4 spec work, and Emmy award received for TV node time shifting 2003. He continued to structure global power nodes for THETA, SETI, and Folding@home while working for Fortune 100 companies. His two exits at $1B+ now drives our StrongNode vision.

Colin Charles

Chief Technology Officer
Colin Charles co-founded MariaDB Server with its node networking and facilitated the MySQL $1B+ exit to Sun Microsystems and Oracle as an early employee. His system networking, node security, and data privacy work as a technical architect commenced 2000 and entailed working with The Fedora Project by Red Hat, MySQL, and OpenOffice.org projects. He has extensive advisory experience with startups in the blockchain space and has on the ground networks in multiple cities as he leads the life of a globalist.

Gil Bashan

Chief Product Officer
Gil Bashan’s work over the last 15+ years has spanned across engineering, network operations, digital advertising, and product management, working with brands like L’Oreal, Barclays, 3M, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Allstate. Gil is a blockchain evangelist who believes that world problems can be solved with technology. The last 9 years at Adobe has taken him through IPO and then acquisition of TubeMogul Inc. by Adobe for $540M where he has managed engineering teams, driven the networking product roadmap, and the day-to-day of massive global server networks, processing incredible amounts of real-time data.

Chris Fure

Chief Financial Officer
Chris Fure is the LDJ Capital Development Director for fund investment. Previously, he was a partner and Head of Development for TransGlobal Ventures (TGV), where he managed its investments. He came to this post after serving as a TransGlobal Asset Management VP, where he theorized a China Piracy solution that funded the launch of TGV.

Carmen Campo

Chief Marketing Officer
As LDJ Capital Director for Corporate Communications and Media Operations for almost 10 years, Carmen worked with over 300+ blockchain companies and clients. She has worked for and with global brands like Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intertek, Levi's, Marks & Spencer, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Disney, McDonald's, Forbes, Wall Street Journal. She is a media, communications, and social media marketing specialist for almost a decade with The Soho Loft Media Group and its sister holdings The Soho Loft Productions/Conferences, Victoria Global Communications, and Times Impact Publications.

Lionel Iruk

Chief Legal Officer
Lionel has been involved in international asset development projects throughout the Continental United States, Europe and South East Asia since 2008. His practice focuses on international wealth management, corporate structures, international business compliance, immigration law, corporate, tax, Financial Technology/ Bitcoin Law, iGaming, and issues affecting non-profit organizations and charitable foundations.

Zivago Lee

VP Technical Operations
Zivago has 20+ years of experience in node systems engineering and node network operations with his roles at SoftAware Networks Inc. (acquired by Digital Island for $438M), leading programs on datacenter buildouts for the 2008 Beijing Olympics with Ticketmaster and at Zynga (ZNGA). Zivago has recently been leading DevOps/SRE teams and is currently at SPIN Scooters, a Ford subsidiary, providing micromobility solutions.

Evan Kubes

VP Esports Management
Evan Kubes is the President of Rumble Gaming and co-founder of MKM Group, recognized as Canada’s first and one of the world’s most influential law firms dedicated to esports and content creators. Evan is considered a thought leader in the industry, often featured in publications like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Global News. He has also been recognized as a top influencer manager and esports agent by Business Insider.

StrongNode Advisors

Manmeet Singh

As Vice-Chairman of Cardano Foundation and Blockchain Europe, Manmeet is a beacon in the blockchain industry. On both fronts and as Managing Partner of Blockseed Ventures Ltd, Manmeet is a renowned prime mover and builder of the decentralized economy, mentoring and investing in teams and businesses that define the adoption and advancement of blockchain applications and technologies. Manmeet brings cultural sensitivity and business wisdom to the team based on his decades of experience in finance, education, investment, and mentoring businesses getting into China and Asian as well as European markets.

Diederik Van Der Reijt

Diederik is an entrepreneur and investor with over 18 years experience in finance and start ups. He has invested in over 25 companies with several successful exits. Diederik has successfully raised for public and private companies in a wide range of sectors including sustainable water solutions, technology platforms, security, wearables, consumer devices, and cannabis. He has a focus on maintaining high Environmental, Social and Governance standards in the portfolio companies he invests in. Diederik is a passionate advisor and mentor to young entrepreneurs. He has Built his global network by living on 5 different continents over the last 20 years. He supports philanthropic causes including cancer research and access to the arts for children.

Craig Sellars

Founder of Omni Foundation
Craig Sellars leads the development of global blockchain innovations as the inventor of the stablecoin, the digital US dollar on top of the Bitcoin blockchain as a founder of Tether, the world’s most broadly traded cryptocurrency (now acting as an informal advisor since his departure in 2016) and as the Chief Technologist of Bitcoin’s Omni Layer, a protocol which supports the creation, movement and exchange of digital assets. His current development focus is on the creation of open-source decentralized identity protocols and applications.

Our Partners

Currently, there is a lack of infrastructure in the gaming and esports industry that is conducive to creating an ecosystem that can fully support and develop older gamers (age 40 and above) in their journey to recreational and professional gaming.

The goal of OGLife is to collaborate with players, esports teams, leagues, organizations, corporations, communities, and institutions as well as groups and communities that are working towards the same goal: Making the dream of a vibrant gaming ecosystem a reality for this niche/age group.

We embark on an active search of identifying these potential partners who may already be serving this age group within the industry or catering to this niche market in a different industry. The strategy for OGLife to be at the forefront of this movement with Abbe Borg aka DieHardBirdie, oldest esports world champ at age 78, leading the way as the League Champion and Team Captain of “Golden Snipers,” the first team to be listed with Original Gamer Life.

OGLife Partners with DSCVR Esports to Highlight Industry Leaders

“DSCVR Esports” is the new TV series that is delving into esports by featuring the top pro gamers, content creators, streamers, influencers, game developers, manager, businesses, investors, leaders, and policymakers who shape the rules and elevate the game — all making the esports world exciting, entertaining, and highly engaging.

In its maiden episode about older gamers, host David Drake is joined by his 78-year old Swedish father, Abbe, who goes by the gamer tag of “DieHardBirdie,” the world’s oldest esports champion on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and his daughter Vicky who is a tween gamer currently crazy about Roblox. Expect the unexpected as three diverse yet intersecting perspectives on esports and gaming come together from these three generations. Future episodes will feature esports celebrities and industry leaders as hosts.

Valor Esports Supports Original Gamers and Their Dreams

Valor Esports is an esports club that creates professional esports pathways by fostering a holistic and healthy training environment. By replicating best practices from traditional sports clubs, Valor develops EAthletes into the best competitors they can be through coaching, gaming, tools, and education, giving them the best chance to realize their dreams. Valor provides professional team training or one-on-one coaching led by experts in their specific esports title. Valor’s group coaching model focuses on team collaboration and social interaction.

Valor Esports’ mission is to provide a holistic approach to esports training. Valor’s club integrates health specialists within the coaching team and provides resources to players to learn about mental and physical health. This is done with the belief that to be the best competitor you then need to be a well-rounded human.

Valor Esports is structured to provide the most effective coaching pathway and provide non-professional players with affordable but professional support to realize their dream.

The Soho Loft Media Group Leverages Blockchain and Crypto Experience for OGLife

The Soho Loft Media Group is a global company recognized for producing and engaging in over 1,500 finance and investor-focused conferences since 2011. It has shaped the financial world with its pioneering and cutting-edge global conferences that intersect finance with other industries including but are not limited to: real estate, oil & gas, clean tech, renewable energy, alternative finance, fintech, crowdfunding, venture capital, angel investors, private equity, family offices as well as emerging industries. 2017 saw TSLMG delve into the world of AI, Robotics, IoT, and eventually blockchain, smart contracts, bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Original Gamer Life Benefits From LDJ Capital's Digital Expertise

LDJ Capital is a multi-family office that invests and manages investments for partners and clients in the areas of real estate, hospitality, energy, agriculture, industrial, pharmaceutical, medical, tech, telecom, mobile, entertainment, media, publishing, advertising, aerospace, shipping and transportation, electrical vehicles, digital assets, blockchain applications, and compliance services. Esports investment is the latest addition to its network of asset classes aimed towards the advancement of esports.

LDJ Capital is committed to preserving and growing clients’ assets through this suite of service for over 20 years: asset management, financial advisory, philanthropy, art advisory, wealth management, valuations, investor relations, equity research, market making, M&A, alternative financing, and regulatory compliance services. LDJ Capital is present in key cities and major frontiers of the world.

Family Offices Today Bridges Key Brands and Esports for OGLife

Family Offices Today is the premier gateway dedicate to an international audience made up of Ultra High Net Work Individuals (UHNWI), Multiple and Single Family Offices, Wealth Management & Family Office Professionals under the Times Impact Publications banner. Time Impact Publications produces articles, blogs, news, and other media content on investing and entrepreneurship published and syndicated in 100+ leading online publications and growing. Other topics include: arts and culture, luxury fashion and travel, tech, AI and robotics.

Family Offices Today gives brands access to a sophisticated and high end audience. Esports’ rapid growth in the last few years is catching the attention of big brands. Family Offices Today serves as a bridge on how these brands can tap into this trend and esports in general.

Digital Innovators Teams With Original Gamer Life Promoting Innovation

The Digital Innovators show is created and produced by the Soho Loft Productions for The Soho Loft Media Group.

Digital Innovators TV is a 30-minute one-on-one interview-style television series highlighting three to five industry and thought leaders actively involved in bringing cutting-edge digital and technological innovations to life.

Each week the show covers a unique trending topic and is led by a guest host who is highly respected in their field of expertise. In addition, each of the 3-5 selected companies will also receive a Digital Innovators TV Award nomination as part of an annual awards show.

Filmed in Long Island, NY, the series airs on Fox Business channel as sponsored content, with an additional opportunity for selected guests to be filmed in NASDAQ’s Times Square Studio in NYC. To garner maximum attention, each show is promoted using national television teasers leading up to their broadcast.

Original Gamer Life Litepaper

Original Gamer Life Litepaper coming soon.

Original Gamer Life Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Absolutely not! That’s the great thing about OGL running on StrongNode technology. By running our applications and participating on our platform you’re automatically earning rewards in exchange for excess computing power and storage without having to go through a complicated series of steps to earn tokens. You simply Play, Earn, and Win with OGL.

We do offer opportunities to those who want to be competitive or join an esports team, but that’s not all we offer. If you’re more of a casual or non-competitive player then you’ll find a home here as well. All of our servers, events, and community offerings are available to less competitive players.

Player versus Player not your thing? No problem! We have Player versus Environment or PVE server rulesets available alongside our PVP servers. We also cater to Roleplaying communities who want to find a home within OGL. We are gamers ourselves understanding and celebrating the vast diversity of interests and niches within the gamer metaverse.

We’re all gamers here which means there will be much more than gaming going on. Creative cosplay, general geekery, fanatical fandoms, and a whole lot more goes hand in hand with gaming, so expect to see a TON of crossover content and epic exclusive arranged for our community.

I finally did it, Morty, I’m a community, a whole community, I’m Community Rick! (only a reference, not a promise of future or current content… we know how smart and speculative our fellow gamers can get.)

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